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The Universal Tales of Isaac Midnight

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Novels about Stimulating and Uplifting Ideas Involving Spiritually Fulfilling Concepts.
Absolute truth must work… absolutely!
    Three things started culminating at about the same time to stir my creative juices.

    I would be preoccupied for months by electronics. Take a break, and then write stories for a short period of time. Then just cast it all aside by the intrigue of the spiritual side of things.

    As a young teenager I was licensed to operate an Amateur radio on the ham bands. Then I earned degrees, certificates, licenses and all the requirements to own and run a full blown electronics calibration laboratory ensconsed in a stand of old growth timber.

    Rejecting traditional religions after going through a Christian High School, I set out on the high seas of ‘Free Thinking’ to find the truth on my own; Metaphysics, New Age, Mysticism, and Unconventional Life Styles, all were tried.

    After my magnificent discovery of the ultimate truth, my writing imagination went into orbit, almost literally. On a typewriter with green ribbon I started writing the first Spiritual Fiction novel in the Isaac Midnight Series. Depicting how life apparently is on ‘the other side’, I eschewed space ships, robots and lasers to fashion a band of mighty mortal heroes progressively working on sublime moral extra terrestrial levels with Agents of Truth Beauty and Goodness.

The first three adventurous exciting Spi Fi novels and the Spiritual Stories - Fact and Fiction, first in the series are now in print and available!

Brief Descriptions:
    Starting early, in grade school, writing became a consistent joyous companion through the years.
    Finding that my stories were liked by my friends and receiving the best grades in electronics college creative writing class, I was encouraged even more to continue.
    I have decades of working experience in the service and repair of all types of electronic devices, specializing in refurbishing test equipment. I have run my accredited calibration laboratory since 1974.
    I produce invoicing, service and inventory control software programs and program PIC microcontrollers. ePuplishing accomplishments include eAlbums, eBooks and eManuals.

    Family Experience      Successfully raising four children during the turbulent early '60s, '70s, and '80s with Rose E Clearwaters, my wife since 1967. We were in the thick of it, in the Southern Oregon woods. All of our children are our good close friends on many levels. They have all worked with me not only in my electronics businesses, but on many other rudimentary levels, such as cutting fire wood.
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